Sordoni Starts Construction with Nexii's Sustainable Roof Panels at Tri-County Truss in Bloomsburg


Bloomsburg, Columbia County, PA - In December, Sordoni Construction Services placed the first sustainable Nexii roof panel at the Tri-County Truss building in Bloomsburg, PA. The new state-of-the-art 30,000 SF Truss Plant will be in operation in late spring 2023.

This is the first roof panel installed in the United States in what will be the largest Nexii building.

Sordoni partnered with Nexii, a U.S. startup company that produces green and sustainable roof and wall panels, last year.

Nexii’s low-carbon approach to construction establishes a new, more rigorous standard for sustainable buildings, setting the stage for a brighter future.

With the efficient building process of Nexii, their simpler on-site assembly requires less labor, less equipment, less time and materials, and produces near zero on-site waste. Not only is the building process more efficient, but the panels form an airtight energy-efficient thermal envelope saving on heating and cooling operating costs.

Nexii products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing build times, construction costs, and produces near zero on-site waste. Nexii's Hazleton plant is now open and will be operated by Pennsylvania’s John Wolfington and Dan Metzler through Nexii’s Certified Manufacturing program. To learn more, visit:

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