Northeastern Pennsylvania Leads the Commonwealth in Job Creation


Northeastern Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania's Governor's Action Team (GAT) has released its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 showing Northeastern Pennsylvania as the Commonwealth's Leader in Job Creation as a whole and in the Manufacturing Industry and Regional & National Headquarters.

The mission of GAT is to support the attraction of businesses to Pennsylvania and the expansion of businesses currently operating in Pennsylvania. GAT supported the completion of 58 projects leading to nearly 10,000 pledged new jobs and more than 33,000 pledged retained jobs - totaling over $3.8 billion in investment into the commonwealth.

"Northeastern PA is leading the state and country in manufacturing and e-commerce distribution. We expect that trend to continue in 2022 and beyond" said John L. Augustine III, President/CEO of Penn's Northeast. "Companies realize our strategic location, excellent workforce and low operating costs are the keys to their success." added Augustine.

The report, as outlined below, provides additional detail on GAT's results this year, including major job creation projects like Ball Corporation and CANPACK Group establishing aluminum canning operations in Northeastern Pennsylvania; and many other examples of businesses choosing Pennsylvania as the best location for sustainable long-term growth.

View GAT's annual report, here!

The Northeast Region leads the Commonwealth in job creation as a whole.

Manufacturing projects dominated job creation in every region, especially in the Northeast with over 1,300 jobs pledged to be created. The Northeast also led the way in Regional and National Headquarters with 479 jobs pledged to be created.

Successfully completed projects during FY 2020-2021 pledged to create 9,554 new jobs at project sites across the state. In addition, companies associated with these projects also committed to retaining 33,641 jobs within the Commonwealth.

Regarding job creation, projects in three regions accounted for nearly 66% of all new jobs pledged to be created: Northeast - 2,362 (24%), Southcentral - 2,046 (21%), and Leigh Valley - 1,873 (20%).

View GAT's annual report, here!