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Attracting Quality Employers to Northeastern Pennsylvania!

Workforce and Training

Northeastern Pennsylvania is known throughout the United States

for its dedicated and highly productive workforce!


Several major businesses in Northeastern Pennsylvania have already seen 

the advantages of doing business in our centrally located region. 

Labor Availability 

Northeastern Pennsylvania's total labor force of 528,286 is widely known for its productivity.

  • NEPA's average daily commute is 21 minutes.
  • With a population of over one million residents, almost half of Pennsylvania's population is included in NEPA's workforce.
  • NEPA has over 20 colleges, universities and community colleges with over 40,000 students enrolled who are preparing to enter the workforce.
  • Some of the strongest job training programs in the country are established in NEPA, helping to ensure the workforce maintains its skills.

Low on Cost, High on Value


  • Labor costs in Northeastern Pennsylvania are around 20% below the U.S. average. Compare our region to close metro areas including New York City and Northern New Jersey and costs are around 40% less.
  • Various state and local programs have been created to help make opening or expanding a business in NEPA affordable, including tax credits, state grants and low interest loans.


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