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Major Employers

Join the many companies located in Northeastern Pennsylvania who already know everything that our region has to offer!


Whether it’s the convenient location, the hardworking people, or the low cost of living and doing business, these major companies have found a place for their businesses to flourish!

Northeastern Pennsylvania is the perfect location to live, work and play!

The cost of living and cost of doing business is consistently lower in NEPA than most other regions in the northeast. Northeastern PA has a strong and educated workforce and has close proximity to over 70% of the country’s population!


Northeastern Pennsylvania has proven to be the best location for businesses!

Many manufacturing companies, distribution centers, call centers and plenty of other industries have taken advantage of everything NEPA has to offer!


Northeastern Pennsylvania has consistently ranked as one of the best regions for the transportation and warehousing industries!

NEPA has been able to tap into the opportunities associated with the Marcellus Shale formation. The region's close proximity to the formation, ensures businesses are able to receive the LARGEST VOLUME of natural gas at the LOWEST PRICES!




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