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Northeastern Pensylvania is one of the most 

centrally located regions in the United States. 


NEPA is in the center of the Boston/Washington Corridor

and is at the confluence of six major highways.


Interstates 81, 80, 84, 380, 476, and 78 meet in the middle of Northeastern PA and provide

excellent access north to Maine, south to Virginia and west to Ohio. 

More than 51 million people live within 200 miles of NEPA!

New York City, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Syracuse are located within two hours of the region.


Interstates 81, 80, 84, 380, and 78 are toll-free!

There are no major bridges or tunnels in the region to delay truck departures or arrivals. The region’s main highway, I-81, runs from the US/Canadian border in the North, to Knoxville Tennessee in the South.


Interstate 81 intersects several major east/west highways!

This includes I-80 (access to New York City), I-78 (access to the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey), I-84/I-90 (access to Boston), I-76 (access to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia), I-70/I-270 (access to Washington DC), and I-83 (access to Baltimore).


The Northern I-81 Corridor provides quick access to major seaports along the East Coast. 

Once infrastructure upgrades to the Panama Canal are complete it is predicted to increase volume. Upgrades to the Canal will allow for the passage of “post-Panamax” ships, which have a capacity to carry 12,000 containers. That is three times more than a ship can currently carry through the Canal.



Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport

The main airport in Northeastern Pennsylvania is the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre International Airport (AVP).  AVP offers approximately 40 daily arrivals and departures to six major hubs with one-stop service to more than 450 destinations worldwide.


AVP provides direct daily flights with Airline Partners American Airlines, Delta and United to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Washinton D.C.


AVP is also served by Aviation Technologies, one of the finest fixed base operators in the Northeastern United States.


Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport Daily Flights:

  • American Airlines Providing service to Charlotte, Chicago O'Hare & Philadelphia
  • Delta Air Lines Providing service to Atlanta and Detroit
  • United Air Lines Providing service to Chicago O'Hare and Washington-Dulles 


Airports located in Northeastern PA:

  • Hazleton Muncipal Airport
  • Pocono Mountains Muncipal Airport
  • Wilkes-Barre Wyoming Valley Airport


Airports located within a reasonable driving distance:

  • Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE)‚Äč  Located about one hour away from NEPA
  • Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) Served by most major airlines / Located about two hours away from NEPA
  • Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)  Served by most major airlines / Located about two hours away from NEPA

Rail Service

Northeastern Pennsylvnia has the huge benefit of a strong rail system. With such a strong system, it makes sense that many rail carriers use parts of our region as a keystone for rail transportation across the country. Our strong rail system makes it easy to transport goods from state to state quickly and at affordable rates. Several of NEPA's local business parks are rail served.


Class One Railroads

  • Canadian Pacific Railway (Main service for the Northeast located in Wyoming Valley)
  • Norfolk Southern Railway Co.

Short Line Railroads

  • Delaware - Lackawanna Railroad
  • Luzerne & Susquehanna Railroad
  • New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway Co.
  • North Shore Railroad System
  • Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company
  • Stourbridge Railroad Co.


Non-Operator Railroad Owners

  • Lackawaxen-Honesdale Shippers Association, Inc.
  • Luzerne County Railroad Corporation 
  • PA Northeast Regional Railroad Authority 
  • SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority


Regional Intermodals

  • Taylor Intermodal


We’re just a short driving distance to most of the largest metropolitan areas in the country including New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Boston. Because of our great location, five main interstates run directly through our region. These interstates make it possible for you to reach almost every part of the Northeast quickly. With our excellent interstate and highway access, more than 95 million US and Canadian consumers are just an overnight drive away. 


Interstate 80 and 81 Corridor

Interstate 80 is a transcontinental interstate running east to west. This interstate connects San Francisco, California to The New York Metro region. From our region, you can drive I-80 through Northern New Jersey and reach New York City in around 2 hours. Interstate 81, a north-south interstate intersects Interstate 80 right in our region. I-81 stretches from Dandridge, Tennessee to Fisher’s Landing, New York at the United State/Canadian border.


I-476  I-84 and I-380

These interstates help connect our region to the rest of the eastern seaboard including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and New York.  With all these main roads, and easy access to even more, more than 95 million US and Canadian consumers are just an overnight drive away. 



New York/ New Jersey

Port of New York/ New Jersey

The largest port complex on the East Coast, it’s located at the hub of the most concentrated and affluent consumer market in the world, with immediate access to interstate highways and rail networks.


Port of Newark/Elizabeth

The port at the center of the Northeast Corridor, is the second largest port by volume in North America and handles a large amount of containerized traffic.



Located at the center of the Northeast Corridor. Handles 5,100,385 tons and 367,499 containters with a growing percentage every year. You can reach this port in around two hours from Northeastern PA. 


One of the largest shipping ports in the Unites States. This port serves two thirds of the eastern seaboard. Last year, the Port of Baltimore received 36.3 Million Tons of shipments and 440,000 containers. It is one of the few ports that is already prepared to accomodate Super Post-Panamax ships. The Port of Baltimore is about 3 hours from Northeastern PA. 


Great Lakes

You can achieve easy access to Canada through several ports located on the Great Lakes. The Port of Erie is located just a few hours from Northeastern PA. 


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