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We have much to be thankful for …



Penn's Northeast has much to be thankful for...

Written By: Penn's Northeast's President/CEO, John L. Augustine III



As we look back at 2019, we realize that we have much to be thankful for.


Our community, our region, our state and our nation are experiencing record low unemployment. There is a job for anyone that wants one and this trend is expected to continue.


Thanks to our reliable and affordable energy sources in PA, manufacturing is growing. Companies are beginning to re-shore and grow their businesses domestically. International companies are looking to locate here.


Going forward, skilled jobs and the trades will increasingly become more important. We will also see an increase in the need for experts in the healthcare field as baby boomers retire at an average rate of 10,000-plus per day.


As technology continues to grow faster than we can comprehend, there will be a strong demand for engineers, electricians, security experts, machinists and more. This will open up new opportunities in the fields of medicine and in current and existing jobs that will need to be filled.


Our region is home to more than 19 colleges, universities and trade schools — educating more than 40,000 students annually. This talent pool helps us to be more competitive when vying for a new company location.


And for that we should be thankful.


We have also seen tremendous growth in the e-commerce/distribution space. Most consumers want products they order delivered by the next day. The “last mile” has become the industry standard. Due to our location and highway access, products can reach one-third of the US population and half of the Canadian population in one day.


Million-plus square foot distribution centers have become the norm. Currently there are eight buildings of 1 million square feet under construction. Most, if not all, will be purchased or leased within the next 6 months.


This level of competition has had a positive effect. The average starting salary in NEPA is now double the state’s minimum wage. Market conditions and not governmental regulations have allowed this to happen with no signs of slowing down.


And for that we should be thankful.


We continue to work together as a region to make ourselves better.


We are fortunate to have a wonderful quality of life. From outdoor activities, sports teams, amazing entertainment venues and cultural institutions. Families can enjoy the seasonal offerings of our region from water parks and amusement parks to beautiful lakes, rivers, forests and trails. Millions of people from around the country travel here to NEPA to enjoy what we have in our very own backyard.


And for that we should be thankful.


There are many people that work behind the scenes on a daily basis to make our region even better than it is. From increasing wages and employment opportunities, to growing educational and entrepreneurial assets and improving our quality of life with new opportunities.


This “Industrial Park Series,” in partnership with the Times Leader, has allowed us to showcase the hundreds of companies and thousands of hard-working men and women who call Northeastern PA home.


We are truly blessed to be in an amazing area where we can live, work and play.


And for that we should be thankful.


At Penn’s Northeast, we have many members, community partners and agencies that share our mission to attract quality employers to Northeastern PA.


There are so many moving parts and hundreds of pieces of a puzzle that must fit in order to be successful.


Working together regionally is the only way we can move forward and grow.


And for that support, we are thankful.


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