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Times Leader Media Group Outreach 2020 Grant Program


Times Leader Media Group Outreach 2020 Grant Program

These unprecedented times call for all of us to stand together to help locally owned businesses as they wonder when they will be allowed to reopen and reconnect with their customers.


The Times Leader Media Group believes strongly in supporting the communities we serve by offering local businesses matching grants to help them recover from the devastating effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.


As a privately-owned company, we understand the impact of these times and the daily concern for customers, employees and family. We also understand that Northeastern Pennsylvania has a proud tradition of resiliency and we will bounce back. That you can count on.


To aid in that comeback, the Times Leader Media Group will match up to $100,000 in advertising for businesses that purchase ads in Times Leader products. It is our hope these dollars for dollar grants will help ease the burden for businesses through this crisis.


We live here. We work here. We believe our role is to help where we can, when we can.


We are standing with you.



Mike Murray

President and Publisher of Times Leader Media Group




Kerry O’Neil Miscavage

Times Leader Media Group

Vice President of Sales and Marketing



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