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In Just Two Years from Startup, PTubes Incorporated Doubles it's Business!



Honesdale, Wayne County, PA - PTubes Incorporated, a manufacturer of line sets for applications in the refrigeration and airconditioning industry is shipping 85,000 units of its RYNO® product a year from its location at the end of Main Street in Honesdale. RYNO® was developed and is manufactured in Wayne County. The company set-up operations in December of 2017 and started manufacturing in 2018.


A RYNO® line set is copper tubing covered by high tech insulation used to transport refrigerant in cooling devices such as air conditioners. PTubes product uses high quality copper tubing covered with insulation manufactured in a proprietary process to eliminate the gap between the copper and insulating material saving more energy and money than its competitors.


RYNO® was developed by PTubes President and CEO Nicola Pilone in Honesdale and Feinrohren S.p.A. which is the leading copper mill in Italy with over 60 years of manufacturing experience. “Locating in Honesdale provides access to a readily available workforce and technical contractors.” said Mr. Pilone, “We also had the help of the building owner and Honesdale Borough making it easy to locate our business here.”


Nicola and his family moved to Northeast Pennsylvania from a small town in Southern Italy to establish PTubes to serve the United States and Canadian markets. PTubes does not sell directly to the end user but offers its product through a network of distributors. They also market to engineers and architects who are responsible for specifying equipment when designing buildings. All the manufacturing and shipping is done from its Honesdale facility.


Plans for an additional manufacturing line are in the works, allowing PTubes to increase its manufacturing capacity. The company currently has 10 employees and is looking to hire additional people looking to pursue a career path. The company offers competitive wages and benefits. PTubes’ vision is to become a leader in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Industry. Up to 45% of a building’s energy consumption in the United States is used for heating and cooling.


PTubes plans to continue improving the energy efficiency of their RYNO® product saving customers significant energy and money. PTubes in located in Honesdale at the end of main street in the former DSFI building. If you are interested in learning more about PTubes, visit their web site at If you would like to learn about career opportunities, please call 570-616-7818 or email 


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