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B.I.D.A. Reforms Scholarship Program for Underemployed and Unemployed


Berwick, Columbia County, PA - Berwick Industrial Development Association (B.I.D.A.), a leader in economic development focusing on industrial development and manufacturing, is making a few changes to our scholarship program.  



B.I.D.A. launched a scholarship program for high school graduates from the Berwick Area School District (which included students attending Columbia-Montour Vocational Technical School) that were to attend post-secondary or higher education institutions to pursue their education in the vocational trades.   


Although the program has been successful with students applying for and being awarded to two students each year, B.I.D.A. has re-examined the present state of the workforce in our area, and with having a shortage of skilled labor in the region, the board of directors has voted to offer the scholarship to unemployed and underemployed individuals in the Berwick Area School District geographic area. 


This shift would allow residents to apply for the $1,000 that could essentially pay for an entire program at the Columbia Montour Vocational Technical School’s adult education.  There is an application process, and it will still run annually as it does for the high school applicant.  In the Spring, residents can request a scholarship application that also provides instruction on what needs to be included.  


Amy Shortlidge, Marketing Director for B.I.D.A. stated, “This is an opportunity for people to acquire employment quicker, with courses and training programs that can take six to twelve weeks to complete, as opposed to waiting for students to graduate from a two or four-year degree program.”  


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