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Northeastern Pensylvania is one of the most CENTRALLY LOCATED REGIONS IN THE UNITED STATES!


Unparalleled Interstate highways and international airports including strong railway connectivity to East Coast and pacific ports. Abundant workforce with education & training programs and a wide range of tax incentives, grants, loans and programs.



Food & Beverage Manufacturing in Northeastern Pennsylvania

One of the strongest industries in Northeastern Pennsylvania is the food and beverage manufacturing industry.


This industry alone employees over 12,000 local residents, and this number steadily grows every year. It’s easy to operate a food and beverage manufacturing facility in Penn’s Northeast with our prominent location, our abundant water supply and ever increasing supply of natural gas.


Northeastern Pennsylvania ranked the lowest in total annual operating costs among 10 MSAs for food/beverage manufacturing in a recent study.  Join Quaker Oats/Gatorade, Hershey Co., Bimbo Bakeries, Kraft Foods, Cargill, Tootsie Roll, Yuengling Brewery and many more!


Defense & Aviation Security Industry

One of the primary focuses at Penn’s Northeast is to recruit opportunities to provide additional value to northeastern Pennsylvania. Our economic development agency believes the defense and security industry is one of the best departments for Northeastern Pennsylvania to set its sights on. One way is by recruiting high value federal and private sector opportunities to strengthen the Tobyhanna Army Depot and businesses in the security and defense industries in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Businesses in this industry have already seen great success in the last decade in our region. Between 2000 and 2010, 661 companies located in our multiple counties were part of sophisticated defense contractor network. These 661 companies successfully fulfilled over 10,900 contracts collectively valued at $5.5 billion. Not only do these businesses succeed greatly in our region, but they are also a tremendous asset to our economy.


Tobyhanna Army Depot specializes in SATCOM and radar operations and MRO, communications & electronics, avionics and missile guidance and controls. Tobyhanna employs approximately 12,172 people, living in our region and outside. Due to the geographic location, beneficial operating costs and technical expertise in northeastern Pennsylvania, we believe this industry can help strengthen our region.


Bioscience Manufacturing & Logistics

Recently, Northeastern Pennsylvania has prepared to target Bioscience, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The large amount of higher education institutions in our region with a focus on healthcare practices, including The Commonwealth Medical College, the newest medical college in the country, along with our location close to several main metro areas, marks our region as one of the best areas for bioscience to flourish. Penn’s Northeast targets specific aspects of bioscience for our region.

We work to bring businesses & companies who are focused on three areas:


1. Direct Patient Care via Telecommunications

2. Medical Equipment Manufacturing & Logistics

3. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Servicing & Logistics


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