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Financial Resources & Incentives

The Penn’s Northeast region, along with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, wants to make it easy for businesses to establish operation in our area. That’s why local and state governments have created dozens of programs to help businesses not only find funding but also succeed after their doors open.  Our region offers a wide range of tax credits, grants and loan opportunities that can assist almost every type of business. To find a program to help your business in the state of Pennsylvania, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development's website.


Some of our most popular programs include tax exempt locations, credits for creating jobs in our area, low interest loans and abatements to make building improvements.



Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ)
Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zones (KOEZ)

Businesses located in these designated zones receive abatement from certain state and local taxes including local real estate taxes and gross receipts taxes, as well as Pennsylvania's capital stock and franchise tax and corporate net income tax.

Pennsylvania First Program

Pennsylvania’s flagship program to help businesses is the Pennsylvania First Program, a comprehensive funding
tool used to enable increased investment and job creation. The program assists businesses, municipalities, and Industrial Development Corporations (IDCs), which intend to create or retain a significant number of jobs and make a
substantial investment within Pennsylvania. These businesses can receive support in the form of grants, low interest
loans, and loan guarantees for job training, property acquisition, site preparation, land and building improvements, purchasing or upgrading machinery and equipment, infrastructure, environmental assessments, job training, and working capital.


Job Creation Tax Credits (JCTC)

The Job Creation Tax Credit Program (JCTC) helps eligible employers off set various Pennsylvania business tax liabilities. The program offers a $1,000 state tax credit per new full-time job per year to employers who demonstrate effective development or deployment of leading technologies in business operations. Businesses must create at least 25 new full-time jobs or expand their existing workforce by at least 20 percent within three years of approval. Tax credits will not be applied until the workforce increase requirement has been met.

Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA)

Low-interest loan financing through Industrial Development Corporations for land and building acquisition, construction and renovation, resulting in the creation or retention of jobs.

Small Business First (SBF)

The Small Business First (SBF) program provides low-interest loan financing for land and building acquisition and construction, machinery and equipment purchases, as well as working capital, for companies with 100 or fewer employees.

Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority (PEDFA) Tax Exempt Bond Program
The PEDFA Tax Exempt Bond (PEDFA) program assists in financing land and building acquisition, machinery and equipment acquisition and installation, as well as renovations and new construction.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners 

Ben Franklin provides funding, business and technical expertise and access to a network of innovative, expert resources to both early-stage and established companies.



Ben Franklin Technology Partners 

Ben Franklin provides funding, business and technical expertise and access to a network of innovative, expert resources to both early-stage and established companies.

NEPA Loans

NEPA Loans are loans created for for-profit businesses in Northeastern Pennsylvania with an emphasis on manufacturing and industrial business. These loans help businesses that will create more jobs in our area.

SBA 504 Loans 

Business owners can receive long term, fixed-rate financing at reasonable interests rates with SBA Loans. Equity is typically limited to 10%.

Small Business Loan Programs- MetroAction

MetroAction specializes in working with people who cannot borrow from a bank due to lack of business experience, credit history or insufficient collateral.



Land Development and Construction Fee Waiver Program

A job-creation incentive program targeted toward businesses looking to expand or relocate operations in Lackawanna County. The County will reimburse a portion or all municipal fees and construction permit expenses for businesses creating ten permanent, full-time jobs in Lackawanna County.

Luzerne County’s Employment Incentive Loan Program

The goal of Luzerne County’s Business Development Program is to create improved employment opportunities while strengthening our labor market through job training opportunities.

In order to receive a loan under this program, the business must demonstrate a positive direct impact on the community in which it is located, on residents of that community, or on the local and/or regional economy. The applicant must demonstrate the need for assistance through the program and commit to creating employment opportunities that meet the job creation incentives.

Loan funds are available for eligible businesses at an interest rate of 1.5% for terms of 7 or 15 years. The County can finance up to 50% of the eligible project costs. Monthly repayments of principal will be required for the term of the loan. County funds will be secured by a letter of credit from a financial institution. Funding will be provided for land and/or business acquisition, construction/renovation activities, purchase of machinery and equipment, and professional and financial fees. Funding may also be obtained for working capital by manufacturing firms. To view the details of the program or for more information, please visit

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