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County Spotlight : Lackawanna County


Home to the largest city in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Lackawanna County is located in the middle of Northeastern Pennsylvania. An area perfect for businesses and residents alike, Lackawanna County offers a low cost of living, a rich cultural heritage and a strong workforce.

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What are the benefits of opening a business in Lackawanna County?

The county has been making job creation a top priority. Several programs have been created including a Small Business Association Fee Waiver Program, Permit Fee Waiver Programs and the creation of several industry initiatives.  Since the county wants new businesses, both large and small, to locate in the area, they’ve implemented so many incentives to help business get started- and stay opened.

Lackawanna County Statistics

One of the best reasons to open a business in Lackawanna County is the stellar workforce.   Born out of the regions industrial heritage, one of the most impressive components of Lackawanna County  is the work ethic of their employees. With the workforce making up the majority of the county’s population, studies consistently identify Lackawanna County as an area with an ample labor force that has the necessary skill levels to complete necessary job functions. Numerous prominent national corporations already achieved record productivity here and excelled greatly.

Another great component of Lackawanna county is it’s location. New York City, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Syracuse are a little more than two hours away and it’s easy to access most of the country by Interstates 81, 84, 380 and 476, which converge in Lackawanna County, while Interstate 80 is less than 30 minutes away. Northeastern Pennsylvania’s main airport, the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport is also located in Lackawanna County.


What's it like to live in Lackawanna County?

Homes in Lackawanna County are typically sold at a lower cost than homes in many other parts of the state, even homes located right in the city of Scranton. People living and working in Lackawanna County have a significantly shorter commutes that most other areas in the country. Between distance and traffic, the average commute times much greater than the 20 minutes for those in Lackawanna County.

If you live in Lackawanna County, you’re in close reach of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest city, Scranton. Downtown Scranton is home to dozens of local restaurants, a popular night life scene as well as stores and boutiques. The county is continuously investing in Arts & Culture Programs, meaning there are more and more attractions and programs created every year. There are also several museums and historical sites, along with theatres for cultural entertainment. Lackawanna County also features several great outdoor areas for any nature lover. Parks, hiking trails and river line the county, and the local ski resort, Montage Mountain, calls Lackawanna County home. 

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