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You’ve done the tours, conducted the cost analysis and finally decided to open your business in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Some people may think all those components are what guarantee your business success. If you’re opening a business in NEPA you’re fortunate enough to already have found tons of benefits including a great location, strong travel infrastructure and  great quality of lifeyou’re your employees. But we have a few extra tips to help your business or organization reach it’ full potential.  

Financial Incentives- Make sure you’ve made the best of the financial incentives your area offers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, counties and even cities offer tons of financial resources you might not even know about. These resources include grants, tax abatements and even special interest loans. There are resources available for business start up, employee training, expanding, just about anything you’ll need during the lifetime of your business’ time in Northeastern Pennsylvania. These financial benefits can help you save money on so many business aspects, increasing your overall profits.   Make sure to contact an economic developer to help you discover all the resources available for your business.

Find the best workforce possible- A company is only as good as it’s employees. You need to make sure you higher experienced, educated and dedicated employees to help your business reach it’s full potential.  Northeastern Pennsylvania’s diverse workforce makes it easy to find just those employees. We suggest holding career fairs, met and greets or mixer to meet potential candidates to fill all those new spots.

Network with other companies- NEPA, at it’s very core, is full of people with strong brand loyalty. They trust advice from people and companies they already know and trust.  Creating relationships with other businesses in NEPA can help you no matter what your industry. Consider advertising in local publications or attending company meet-ups.

Take the extra step- Over 94% of the population looks for a review before they purchase a good or service. Make sure your reputation is one you want around NEPA. The people who work with you directly can be the best or worst PR for your business. Let these people know how much you value their time or loyalty. They’ll be more likely to recommend your organization to another person or group.

We’ve made it clear to see that whether you’re a small business owner or managing a global brand, Northeastern Pennsylvania can help your business succeed, and with these extra tips, your organization will be unstoppable!


Do you own a business in NEPA and have other tips to share with new owners? Share them with us!

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