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Downtown Wilkes-Barre continues to impress in Northeastern PA


Wilkes-Barre, PA – Diamond City Partnership has sealed another deal to bring businesses to downtown Wilkes-Barre. Two of the new businesses feature a Caribbean restaurant and a dollar store. The Diamond City Partnership (DCP) is Wilkes-Barre’s alliance for downtown revitalization, serving as the caretaker of the community’s vision for Downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Downtown Wilkes-Barre is Northeastern Pennsylvania's

largest concentrated employment center!



It is the setting for educational institutions, cultural facilities, performance spaces, and government and community services that serve the region and beyond. It is a home to restaurantsstores and hotels, to historic districts and beloved parks, and to businesses large and small. It is a living downtown, with over 4,000 residents


Downtown Wilkes-Barre is both the center of one of the nation’s 

75 largest metropolitan areas, and the civic heart of the Wyoming Valley

Larry Newman, executive director of the Diamond City Partnership, firmly believes that a city’s downtown is always evolving.  “A downtown’s never finished. It’s always going to be an evolving place. There are always going to be changes and always going to be businesses departing and new businesses coming in and new activities coming in and other things changing over time. The question really is whether the sum of the parts adds up to being a place that is economically vibrant and a point of pride for the region." Said Larry Newman.


Newman stated that since 2005, there have been 45 more occupied storefronts. "Occupied storefronts are one of the key visual cues that let people know that things are headed in the right direction," said Larry. A Business Directory is available on DCP's website.


The Caribbean restaurant “Hartman Jerk Center” will be having a grand opening on April 8th while the dollar store “The Dollar Tree” will be opening sometime this summer.

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