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PTubes, Inc. Locates Its New US Manufacturing Facility in Honesdale


Honesdale, PA - PTubes, Inc., a subsidiary of Feinroren S.p.A. in Italy, has located its US manufacturing facility in Honesdale.  PTubes Inc. is a manufacturer of copper tubing and insulated copper tubing.



PTubes parent company Feinrohren, in terms of footage, is the world’s largest producer of copper tubes and capillaries.  This is the result of the company’s mission to create the highest quality, most reliable and innovative product while conserving natural resources.


PTubes is highly recognized by contractors as one of the highest quality products on the market.  By using the most pure raw materials, combined with strict quality control, PTubes creates a copper product that is brighter, cleaner and less likely to kink compared to competitor’s products.


The new manufacturing facility, located in Honesdale, will be the US based manufacturer of PTube products and will distribute throughout the United States.  Nicola Pilone, President of Ptubes Inc., has already started building a local workforce and as the company ramps up operations, they expect to create several more local jobs and will scale operations to meet demand.  For additional information about the company, visit


Wayne County is the preferred location for manufacturers that value craftsmanship, innovation, and quality.  PTube’s company philosophy makes it a perfect fit in the local manufacturing community.  Wayne County is home to companies such as Boyce Products, New Wave Woodworking, Sutphen East, Loveshaw, Hooke Machine, Steer Machine, Martin Rollison Inc. and many others. 


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