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OneSource Staffing Launches Mobile Recruiting Center in NEPA


Wilkes-Barre, PA - OneSource Staffing Solutions has recently rolled out a mobile recruiting office in response to the growing demand to find workers for their clients. OneSource recently purchased a brand new 22’ Recreational Vehicle and retrofitted it to have all the necessary functionality of a state-of-the-art office.  Wireless high speed internet, I-pads for candidate online registration and private interview space, even a bathroom for on-site drug screening.

After only a couple days on the road, OneSource has been to 5 different communities and has registered over 30 new applicants looking for work!

“If this is any indication of the success we are going to have,

you might see us put a second one on the road” 

- Tiffany Cramer, Operations Manager for OneSource Staffing Solutions


Finding enough workers with the skill set employers need has always been a challenge but the demand for workers has risen to such a level, instead of opening more offices, OneSource decided to put one on the road. 


“We’re in a war for talent out there today and we had to find a way, a unique and innovative way, to go out there and reach the population who is not employed or looking for alternative work,” said Phil Amend, vice president of OneSource. “We can be at job fairs, go to client sites and be in places that our offices can’t be.”


“Even though we have 14 physical offices we know we still aren’t reaching all the labor pockets in our communities,” explains Tiffany Cramer, Operations Manager for OneSource Staffing Solutions, headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

“We decided, if they can’t visit us, we’ll go to them.  And the response from our client base has been absolutely incredible.  We have a waiting list of employers who want our RV on their site to attract workers.” - Tiffany Cramer, Operations Manager for OneSource Staffing Solutions

“There is a misconception there aren’t any jobs in our area and that just isn’t true,” explains Cramer.  “Some of our clients are looking for temporary help but we also have many that are looking for full time employees as well, which often come with health benefits, paid vacation and performance incentives.”

If you would like OneSource Staffing Solutions Mobile Recruiting Center to visit your place of business to recruit employees, you can reach them at: 570-970-1234 or visit,


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