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Earth Conservancy: Work has Transformed Region’s Economy


Hanover Twp., PA - Hundreds of acres of Earth Conservancy land show the transformation of the region’s economy.


It was once home to mines where workers pulled tons of coal from the earth for the Blue Coal Company. When that company went out of business, it sat unused.


Now, nearly 800 acres have been reclaimed for industrial and commercial development.


One reclamation project was on parcels called Huber III and Huber IV. Earth Conservancy changed the area from abandoned coal banks to land suitable for development, and in 2016, Kansas City-based company Northpoint Development bought the 172-acre site., an online pet supply store, occupies a warehouse on part of the space.


Adidas and Patagonia are potential future tenants, and NorthPoint Development vice president Brett Miles has said the site could support 2,000 jobs.


Earth Conservancy began a new, grant-funded program in 2017 that offered job training for people in Northeast Pennsylvania. Students completed courses in surveying, environmental remediation, geographic information systems and more.


The organization will begin accepting application in October 2018 for the program’s second year, which is scheduled to begin in 2019.




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