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E-commerce Business Coming To One of Three Huge Warehouses In Luzerne County


Nanticoke, Luzerne County, PA - NorthPoint Development has signed a deal with an e-commerce company to occupy one of three large warehouses that will be built in Hanover Twp. and Nanticoke, according to Brent Miles, vice president of economic development for the Missouri-based commercial development firm. 


Development of the Hanover 9 site underway. The masterplan for Hanover 9 includes three separate buildings. The square footage for all three buildings is 2,311,890 SF. All three buildings are expected to generate approx. 1,548 new jobs with an average salary of $41,000. cv02hanoverp4 Warren Ruda / The Citizens’ Voice


Miles would not identify the company but he said all three warehouses will generate more than 1,500 new jobs with an average annual salary of $41,000.


The e-commerce company will open a fulfillment center and it will be the first building completed, Miles said.

“We’re excited for the building to get done and for them to move in,” he said. 

Miles joined State Sen. John Yudichak, U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, Earth Conservancy President/CEO Mike Dziak, Luzerne County Manager David Pedri and several other state, Luzerne County, Nanticoke and Hanover Twp. officials this afternoon to break ground for the “Hanover 9” site near Luzerne County Community College.


Construction of one building already started. In all, NorthPoint Development will construct more than 2.3 million square feet of buildings on a 340-acre parcel near the South Valley Parkway and state Route 29 in Nanticoke and Hanover Twp. and the annual payroll is expected to more than $63 million. 


Two buildings should be complete by the third quarter of next year, Miles said. One will be 1.4 million square feet and the other will be about 600,000 square feet. The third building will take a little longer, he said. 


The total capital investment from NorthPoint Development and tenants for the project is expected to be more than $209 million.


NorthPoint purchased the parcel from the Earth Conservancy, a nonprofit that works to remediate the impacts of past coal mining operations in Luzerne County, for $15 million.


Dziak said it was in 1994 that the Earth Conservancy purchased more than 16,000 acres of bankrupt Blue Coal Corporation properties.


Looking at the development now transpiring on the land, Dziak said, “This is like a dream come true.” 


NorthPoint also developed the 172-acre commercial complex in Hanover Twp. that includes, which recently announced plans to hire 200 more people at its fulfillment center.


Since it opened last year, Gregg Walsh, vice president of human resources operations for Chewy, said about 1,400 people have been hired to work at the 800,000-square-foot center which is the size of 16 football fields in the Hanover Industrial Park. 


Athletic apparel giant Patagonia has begun operating in a warehouse constructed next to Chewy and Adidas will open in June next year, Miles said.


“We’ve had great success with the buildings we’ve built,” Miles said. “The tenants that came here have been welcomed with open arms. When they hire employees, they’re getting a very large turnout. That tells us that there’s a good labor force and a good labor pool.”


Miles said having a good labor pool is becoming more and more important to businesses hiring hundreds or thousands of workers when they choose where to locate. 


“They’ve got to know that if they move into this building that they’re going to be able to fill these positions,” he said. “Seeing the other tenants and the success that they’re having continues to tell us that our numbers were right and that labor is strong. People are coming out for these jobs.”


Yudichak credited the South Valley Parkway project as a reason for economic development success over the last two years.   


He said the partnership with Luzerne County and NorthPoint Development is “writing a new economic success story that is unmatched anywhere in Pennsylvania.” 


NorthPoint Development’s investments have pumped more than $1 billion into the regional economy, created more than 5,800 jobs and boosted local wages, he said. 


“This is signaling to the rest of Pennsylvania that Luzerne County is back in the job-creating business in a big, big way,” Yudichak said. “The investments, the jobs and the sheer pace of development driven by NorthPoint is changing the economic conversation in Pennsylvania and it is bringing national attention and national companies to our doorstep here in Luzerne County.”

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