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When you support Penn’s Northeast, you’re supporting your hometown.

Penn’s Northeast has one mission: To bring businesses to our region. The more businesses we bring, the more jobs will be created. The more jobs we create, the stronger our economy will become. If our economy strengthens, the Penn’s Northeast region will flourish.


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Penn’s Northeast Needs Private Sector Leadership and Support!

Penn’s Northeast has historically relied on the economic development community and the Commonwealth to provide the primary support for the organization, with limited support from the private sector.  Based on the findings of a fundraising feasibility study and the recent hiring of a new president, who has worked at highly successful multi-county regional economic development  organizations that received over 50% of funding from the private sector, Penn’s Northeast seeks increase and balance out its funding from private sector.


The region is clearly looking for a unified vision for economic development, a coordinated strategy for driving job growth, and an entity to drive that strategy. The private sector can help by leading the effort to market our region and enhance business retention and attraction by funding and governing Penn’s Northeast.



Who Benefits from Investing in Penn’s Northeast?


A unified regional marketing effort, led by Penn’s Northeast, is the best way to properly position the entire five county region. Marketing all of the region’s strengths and benefits in a consistent, methodical fashion will result in more companies considering moving to or expanding in our area. That means more jobs and improved communities across our region. Everyone wins!


We are looking for:
  • Passionate and committed private sector partners who want to help lead Penn’s Northeast and the unified change to attract companies to our four county region.
  • Financial support to properly fund Penn’s Northeast. A financially strong organization is necessary if it is to realize the stated goals and ultimately draw companies into the area.

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